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Frequently Asked Questions

 There are a few reasons:

1. The right advertisement has to be big enough to give a clear and noticeable content of your advertising for any potential customers. Nowadays people look only at big posters or billboards. They even buy a big screen TV in their houses to see a proper and clear view. The advertising market depends on customers, so this is the reason why we sell only big outdoor led signs.

2. Our led billboards show high quality graphics. It means that you can have an effective presentation with lots of images and animations. You will not have this powerful led advertising on a small display.

3. A large led display is eye catching and it gives an image that you are a professional business and people will be more willing to spend a few moments to watch your advert. Also customers will pay more attention to see your presentation on led screen and the most important – no one will miss your led advertisement, because it is seen from several hundred metres.

Yes, it is. We have got one of the brightest LED billboards on the world, so it is not a problem at all. You still can see the advertising from hundred metres from your window.  However, we recommend that you erect  the large led signs outside the building, because they are specially designed for an outside environment.

Discounts are available for multible purchases.  Also, from time to time we have got a special offer for some led displays sizes, which you can see on our website - pricing page.  Furthermore we can offer you a discount (a few percents), when you will display our website address on your led sign for a few seconds (e.g. presentation time takes 1 min, so your commercial time is 55 sec and our 5 sec). It means that our text: “LEDBILLBOARDS.co.uk” will be added to your commercial. In this case we will offer you a discount for advertising our company on your led billboards. We are proud of our effective and powerful led billboards, so we want to leave a signature on them.
              Also you can lease our products – please, visit led sign lease page:

LED Signs Lease options

It is so easy, just contact us (email or call us) Contact Us and make an appointment. We offer free consultations and you can see how our products are unique, powerful and great value for money.
If you wish to see a sample of your advertisement, please email us and we will prepare the presentation before our meeting.