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The latest technology - new effective advertisement.
The most effective advertising tool on the market!

electronic led sign led sign bracket - easy mountain

Our distinguishing features:

  • We use the latest technology, reliable and the brightest LEDs on the market (8000mcd);
  • Billboards are fully graphic - any graphic or animation (BW - Monochromic);
  • Display any language & font supported by Microsoft Windows on your PC;
  • No LED billboard memory limit (from 32 MB to 4 GB) - any long graphic or text;
  • Max. power supply up to 125 W/m²(full matrix), average approx. 40 W/m;
  • Every LED is switched on and off independently from others (totally different to dynamic control). Therefore the display does not twinkle, so LEDs shine with maximum brightness and all the time;
  • Competitors brag that the max. power is less than 20 W. It is the result of weak brightness LEDs or the display has dynamic control (LEDs shine only for a fraction of their normal brightness);
  • The LED billboards are resistant to weather and environmental conditions. They are made of Aluminium and they can work in the most unfavourable conditions: rain, snow, heat and humidity;
  • We can make the LED billboards of any size (modules: 40 cm x 20 cm and 50 cm x 25 cm);
  • Temperature operating range: from -20 ºC to 70 ºC;
  • A 24 months guarantee. Possibility to extend guarantee period;
  • Individual attitude to each order;
  • Professional software - FOC that is worth hundreds of pounds;

With lighted LED Signs, you have an opportunity to communicate with your existing and potential customers, even when your business is closed.


  • for businesses, who want to be noticed in the local market or located in little visible places;
  • for displaying any information, e.g. promoting products and services;
  • for any exhibitions, e.g. showrooms, window exhibitions, big event exhibitions, nationwide exhibitions, gigs, stadiums, nightclub scenes, estate agent temporary signs, party presentations, etc;
  • for displaying short-term of valid information (advertise time-specific promotions), e.g. happy hour at the pubs, special offers, last minute bargains, sales, sports news,current betting odds , currency exchange rates, daily meetings, drink or dinner prices;
  • for selling commercial time - make a profit on the back of your location;
  • reinforce to the advantage over competitors;
  • for new and novelty marketing opportunities.

By owning an advertising led board you will increase your profits and look more professional.

Using our offer you will have the opportunity to:

  • choose a colour of LEDs : red, yellow, blue, green and amber;
  • order LED Billboard of any size;
  • design advertising presentations and change them whenever you want;
  • display any language and fonts;
  • manage display time and presentations (up to 8 separate applications);
  • display any text and (Monochrome) graphic;
  • use advanced animation effects;
  • attract eyes of passers-by by contents of : time, date or outdoor temperature;
  • easy and fast loading of the presentation by serial port, USB, Bluetooth or internet application (for special order);
  • relay on guarantee service;
  • have one of the most effective advertising tools;
  • have cost-effective advertisement;
  • inform you customers where you are from hundreds of metres.

Advantages for any business: person who has a property in good location, small businesses, large businesses and even for advertising agencies.

It is time to consider advertising outdoors LED Screens - novelty advertisement is remembered for long time (do you remember your first TV commercial?)

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We deliver quality LED billboards at an affordable price.
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Become a recognized business in your city, town, or any crowd event.
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